The monkey that discovers the software

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A software agency born from a concept as old as humanity

What a very strange name for a software agency, don’t you think? Well, I’m going to explain you the deep meaning behind it.
As monkeys trought our evolution we managed to control everything in nature, overwhelming their strenght and fearful power.
Like them Macaco’s team learned how to achieve reasults trought technology, by discovering all of her secrets and oppportuinties.
Their goal is now to teach the users to be fearless of the new technologies and to use them in their favor.

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Loving Unity, Loving Assets

Like me, Macaco used Unity as engine to develop his products.
They also realized a Plug-in for audio fade control in your app or game, his name is Magic Fade and his signature color is blue.
Why blue? Because it’s associated with tranquillity and gradient skies, like the fading of music.
All Macaco’s plug-in will follow a specific color.

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