The strange but determinate detective

What if Sherlock Holmes was a cute 24 Years Old Girl whom mask herself as a Little Cute Lady?

In everybody’s mind a detective must be a 1800s Man with big mustache and a little bit crazy or an old lady on her journey thought a lot of mystery, but in my mind a detective must be someone who can be unnoticed because of his aspect.
Nobody would think of this girl as someone very intelligent and sly, but in reality she is. Her bow reflects her emotions in a way that is difficult for other people to understand, also people think it’s only the bow moving itself.
Her eyes? Not showing. Why? Find out in the next session.

Character Concept

Curious about her adult aspect?

As I saied before, she has actually 24 years old.
Her eyes in her real form are shown to be like ocean color and very expressive, her emotions overflows out of her eyes.
For this reason she hides them in her undercover form.

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So where I came up with the idea of this strange detective?
Well, it all start with a misreading of a Contest

Finding out you have completely read in a wrong way the request of a contest, it’s very frustrating. Also because you have completed the work.
Oh well, I liked a lot the character and the way she behaved when she moves and acts.
I felt her very mine, so I’ve decided to create a story and an entire game only for her.
Here is the video for the contest where she was born.

Click and play video


Made with Unity

Skipping the engine war (yes it’s like console war but for pros), I’ve decided to produce her game with Unity 3D.
I’ve worked with unity for a lot of projects both 2D and 3D, so I’m really into it.
Stay tuned for the Ipad and Pc game.