Cube Up

The chalenging endless game based on cubes

Concept Art, 2D Art, UI & UX Design/Art


A story that starts with a dream,
but ends with only an Alpha

I was hired by a Turin based Indie developer Team as an Artist.
I was asked to create a lot of concepts for various mobile game.
At the end we came up with an abstract styled game based on music.
Hopes were high, but some members ran away.

Tutorial Flow Concept

Click and play video

UI Flow Concept

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Pixel Style Gameplay Concept

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Vaporwave, pixels, house…
An abstract Art based on Music

Creating art for this game was very fun, because of it’s music based concept.
We managed to reproduce only the 8-bit and vaporwave music style. Here you can appreciate the final art with colors calibrated on unity.


A glimpse of 100 Skin for every taste

Also I’ve created 100 skin to give the user a major challange and a feeling of a deeper customization.
The skin follows the idea to give everyone an element that reflects himslef and his taste.
So if you are nerdy there is a skin with a nerd element and so on.

Want to give a try?

 (My record is 120 cubes)