AR Projects

3D Models, Shader, Light, UI/UX Design

AR Menu

Hungry uh?
What if making orders is just like an AR game?

This is a prototype AR Menu for agencies that works in the food business. The goal is to make the order process more fun and friendly, directly from your Phone or tablet, avoiding the crowd. There’s also a possibility to make a gameification of the process, adding some power ups or a random button.

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Teamwork AR

Teamwork AR an App made for the Industrial Business

This AR was made for the Teamwork group in order to show it at the EZB in Germany.

Download the App


Esprinet AR

One App to see and sell products by Major Agencies in AR

Esprinet AR is made for Esprinet a famous reseller in Italy. They wanted to give innovation to their catalogue in order to boost sellings.

Download the App and use these markers to see the models.

Or download the catalogue in the App’s descripition