The strange but determinate detective
Alternate Ways
A Global Game Jam Game

Concept, Scene and Lightining, Shading

The monkey that discovers the software

Branding, illustrations, videos, Website

AR Projects
3D Models, Shader, Light, UI/UX Design
VR Projects
3D Models, Shader, Light, UI/UX Design
UI/UX Projects
Misc of other UI/UX Projects I've created for various clients
A solution to boost your BNB

Motion Graphic, audio effects

The "I'm not so simple" game

UI Design, 2D Art/Animation

A loop for all the insomnia nights

Illustration, Animation

Vectorial Quotes
Give life and soul to quotes
Absolut Vodka
A competition on freedom of speaking
Cube Up
The chalenging endless game based on cubes

Concept Art, 2D Art, UI & UX Design/Art